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View Full Version : Sony KP61HS10 vs. Mitsubishi VS60805?

07-22-00, 09:32 PM
I'm looking at the Sony KP61HS10 vs. Mitsubishi VS60805. I'm new to the HDTV/rear projection market and seem to believe that these are similar...which should I get?
I'm getting a larger 4x3 than a 16x9 figuring I can watch anamorphic and widescreen DVDs at the same size on a 60" vs. a 53" 16x9.
I watch about 60% cable and 40% DVD.

Any suggestions and what should I be looking for/worried about? Thanks!!!!!

07-22-00, 09:33 PM
on more thing...what's the best way to price compare other than mysimon.com?

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