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12-11-09, 01:56 PM
looking for a couple handy websites:

1) is there a good site that compares the sport book odds for each of the vegas casinos? i will want to make a couple bets on specific games and wanted to see where i can compare which sports books will give the best odds on that particular game.

2) is there a site that gives traffic updates? i have a somewhat flexible leave time and wanted to see what the best time would be to leave to avoid all the traffic driving back to california. is there a site where it will give instant updates on what the traffic is like on the 15?

Red Dog
12-11-09, 02:28 PM
vegasinsider.com has lines from several different casinos. I think covers.com does too. I don't know if they are live though. Also, you probably won't find variation between casinos under the same corporate umbrella.

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