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07-18-00, 06:18 PM
I'm about to purchased the Kenwood HTB-503 for 475 shipped from HomeTicket.com, however, I've never heard of them, so am a little wary of buying from them.

800.com will pricematch the exact amount..

Can anybody let me in on experiences good or bad, they've had with either vendor? Thanks


07-18-00, 06:27 PM
800.com is great, just be warned that the 2nd day air on 800 is signature required. So have the package sent to work. Also don't forget the $20 BFL rebate and free shipping you get on top of the price match. There is also supposed to be a $10.00 coupon for 800 for new customers although that sign up for thier newsletter (I can't get it to work after deleteing cookies.)

07-19-00, 12:00 AM
I talked to a CSR @ 800.com, and apparently, they will only pricematch the HomeTicket.com price after S&H. AND I can't use any coupons, not my 10 off 50, nor the BFL rebate. blah! Is this standard pricematch procedure for 800.com, or am I getting shafted?


07-19-00, 12:38 PM
I believe that pricematching at 800 is always supposed to include S&H charges, I got lucky when I pricematched for my reciecer the CSR was so distracted she never inquired about S&H, if you use the Brands For Less rebate they should pay for S&H as well as giveing the rebate.

You defiantely can use BFL for this, Place the order through BFL, then when you receive the confirmation email from 800.com, call the CSR and tell them you want to pricematch. Your actually right about the coupon as they will only price match to the low price and not apply the coupon on top -My bad. I'd recomend wating to fill out the BFL rebate for until you have straightend out the cost of S&H, just bookmark it after you place the order.

Check out this thread and it might help clarify the BFL deal. http://talk.dvdtalk.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/013938.html

Hope this helps! and welcome to the forum BTW!

D'oh just realised that the BFL rebates expired, keep checking that thread as they tend to only go a few days without an offer.

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