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10-19-09, 05:55 AM
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Nathan learns his endorsement deals are at risk because of his scandal. Elsewhere, Alex gets another chance, thanks to Julian; Brooke catches up with Chase; Millicent has doubts about her new career; and Clay divulges a secret to Quinn.

Loving this season. Still waiting on everyone at Tree Hill's reaction when they find out Dan is married to Rachel.

10-23-09, 06:23 AM
I really didn't like this episode so much.

The Nathan story is still interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing how Dan plays into the mix.

However, I did not like Mouth's self righteous commentary on Nathan and what sports should be about was really cliched. Also, Millie now taking diet pills because she's self conscious about her figure is stupid.

I do really like Alex though. Such a fun character and she oozes sex whenever you see her on screen.

I think this episode got stuck in the rut about preaching rights and wrongs too much.

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