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10-17-09, 07:37 PM
So, my Blockbuster is going out of business, and everything is on sale, so I went in and bought a bunch of DVDs. Problem is, I like my DVDs and their cases to be consistent. For example, I own Seasons 1-3 of Desperate Housewives in their original packaging, but the Season 4 I bought today comes in 5 different hard-shell cases. My question is, are there any sites that sell just DVD cases? And not the blank ones I can buy at Best Buy and print covers at home. I like the real thing. Is there such a thing? THanks for your help :)

EDIT: Ok, I see how this forum works. I'm supposed to request the specific cases, right? OK, so i'm looking for
Desperate Housewives - Season 5 and Mad Men - Season 1

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