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R. Hilton
07-20-09, 12:54 PM
For fans of Daiei chambara such as Zatoichi, Lone Wolf & Cub, Shinobi-no-Mono- this set is definitely for you. The first four films are included with the usual excellent liner notes plus additional commentaries (a first for Animeigo?). The MSRP is high, but it's available out there at greatly reduced prices. I am anxious to have the other 8 films in the series released- let's support excellent product like this.

07-20-09, 02:56 PM
As a fan of the genre, I read the review here and thought it sounded pretty good. Never heard of it before that. When I saw that it could be had for 33$ in the Deep Discount sale, I jumped on it. I just hope they release the rest!

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