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07-10-09, 03:57 PM
Hi, before it's stores shut down over christmas, Zavvi/Virgin Megastore released their exclusive Family Guy DVDs. They was the same as the normals sets released in Reigon 2, except they had plain white covers. Each season with a differant character on the front. Having picked up seasons 1, 2, 3, 4 & 7, I am now missing the Zavvi eesclusive seasons 5 & 6. I sort of need them to complete my collection, and so that it doesn't look out of place on my shelf. Does anyone no where I can pikc up the 2 seasons please?

07-10-09, 07:58 PM
zavvi.co.uk (http://www.zavvi.co.uk/zavvi/elysium.search?searchDepartment=dvd&search=family+guy) still exists, but i dont see any exclusives. Try checking used bins if you want those missing sets that badly.

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