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07-05-09, 02:03 AM
I remember a really great movie I saw a while back but I'm blanking on the name. In the movie, this guy, who I think is named Joe, is in the army. His friends try to get him to play the piano, but he keeps refusing. Then, a really pretty girl that Joe knowds from the US comes to camp to sing. Joe's friends don't believe that he can really play the piano. So, when the girl asks him to play the piano for her show, Joe's friend's are really surprised. He tells his friends that the reason that he wouldn't play until he could play for the the girl again like he used to.

I was pretty sure that this movie was called "I'll Never Play Again", but I couldn't find anything under that title. Does anyone here recognise what this movie is ?

Dimension X
07-05-09, 04:13 PM
I Won't Play (1944) (http://us.imdb.de/title/tt0036939/). It's a WWII short that they sometimes play on TCM (that's where I saw it).

07-06-09, 06:37 PM
Thanks. Being the film is so short, I always miss it in the listings. I usually only get to see it if I'm flipping through the channels.

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