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05-03-09, 12:54 AM
I am trying to save space. I decided to get rid of all my easily replaceable DVD cases.

So, if you want MANY cases, here's the deal:

I have not counted them, but I have hundreds of:
keep cases (either 1- or 2-disc versions, all black color)
slim cases (either 1- or 2-disc versions, some black, some clear/translucent, maybe some white or other color)

I can't guarantee they're all in good condition, but at least 90% of them are in virtually brand-new condition. I don't actually live in the Tampa area, but my DVDs are stored here with my family. I keep my DVDs in binders elsewhere. So, DVDs are received by mail, discs are removed, and cases put in storage. Obviously, some of the cases may have been damaged in the mail, or otherwise mishandled, but for the most part, they are in perfect condition.

If you want the cases, drop me a PM.
If you want all of them, that would be great.
If you want all of the keep cases or all of the slim cases, that would be fine, too.
But that's all. I don't want to deal with 10 people who want 20 each.
If I can't give them away during the next week, they're getting recycled.
The deadline is Friday, May 8th.

I am willing to meet somewhere around St. Petersburg to give these to you.

PS. Just so there is no confusion: these are empty cases and include no artwork or inserts of any kind.

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