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View Full Version : Anyone know anything about the SSW series subwoofers from Infinity.

04-18-00, 06:49 PM
Hello there.

I am thinking about purchasing two of the Infinity SSW-10 active servo subs but I can't find any info about them anywhere. So, I was hoping someone here knows something about them. I have heard them and they sound really good and accurate but I would like to know what the specs are. I was told that they sold for $600 - $700 new a piece.
Any info provided will be appreciated.



dave g
04-21-00, 02:54 AM
I have one. 100 watts. You must use both inputs. I bought mine open-box for $225 in December of 1995. I had infinity send me the owners manual, but no specs in it. As I recall it bottoms out at 32hz +- 3db. (by comparison, the SSw 210 had an extra driver, went down to 30hz, retailed at $1098 with a 250 watt amp). I love the sound from the LFE channel of my DD decoder. Until I heard that, I had no idea what this sub was capable of. My girlfriend wonders why I avoid wathcing movies on VHS or satellite anymore. If the price is right, go for it. Dave

04-21-00, 07:49 PM
I have a SSW10 and it sounds nice. It is
100 watts. It is too small for a decent
size home theater. The room I had it in was
13x24. If the output is turned up loud
enough to have an impact is sounds out of
place. If your room is small enough it may
do a good job. I moved mine to the bedroom
where it blends nicely. The key to sub
placement and setup is-if you can tell where
it is-then it is too loud. It should blend
in and be unobtrusive.

04-24-00, 12:28 AM
what do you mean about both inputs?

never looked at a sub really, but are there differences for DD subs and Pro-Logic subs?

My prologic receiver only has a single RC out to a powered sub, which I'm not even using at the moment. If there is a difference, can I buy a dual input sub, and split the prologic signal, to fake out the sub, so I don't have to buy a sub, then replace it in a year when I buy a DD reciever?

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04-25-00, 08:08 PM
Thanks for the info. Only plays down to 32Hz. I don't know if that is really what I am looking for. I was hoping that they played down between 25 and 30Hz. I am using a set of Infinity Kappa 8.1's for my mains and they play down to 32Hz at -2dB. I don't know if I could cope with the fact that my mains play lower than my subs. I guess I will keep on looking. Does Infinity make another Servo sub that will play down in the 20's? Thanks again.


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04-26-00, 05:00 PM
Wrath this system used what we call a bridge servo. It is a cheap implementation. I would not make servo a must. In fact many times it can cause problems if not perfectly designed. Look at the new HPS subs from Infinity. The 8.1 have a lot of bass so you will need a high quality sub to be of any help.

04-26-00, 05:39 PM
Thanks for the info. I just received and email from Infinity that give me the specs on the SSW-10. Freq. response is only 40Hz - 200Hz at -3dB, hell my 8.1's play down to 32Hz at -2dB. I think you are right, I need to just hold out till I can find a good quality sub that is capable of playing down in to the 20's. What info can you provide about the HPS series? Thanks again.


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