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02-06-09, 10:12 PM
All prices include shipping and Paypal fees. All sets are in excellent condition in and out, unless stated otherwise. These prices are cheaper than anywhere, and yes, I did check. If you find them cheaper elsewhere, please let me know, and I might work with you on them.

Free Lord of the Ring (still shrinkwrapped) with any purchase. First buyer gets it.

Medium The Fourth Season $39
Desperate Housewives The Complete Fourth Season $30
House Season 4 $30
Wire The Complete Fifth Season $25
Dexter The Second Season 2 $20
The Shield Season 6 $22
Prison Break The Third Season $22
Weeds Second & Third Seasons $20 each, $35 both
Bullshit The Complete Fifth Season $20
Heroes Season 2 $15
Sopranos Fifth and Sixth (Part1 & 2) $28 each or $75 for all three.

I also have Profiler, Season 4 for $15. Some very minor wear on the box. Discs are in excellent condition.

Please note: Sopranos 6 part One has one disc holder broken (just a tiny piece, but the disc need to be secured for shipping which I'll do). Part Two
has some cracked plastic inside the case in 2 places, plus some "shrinkage" on the outer box which is visible in the pic. All discs are in excellent condition, however.

High Wants:

Boston Legal, Season 4.
Lost, Season 4.

Medium Wants:

Masters of Horrors (season sets only).
Latest seasons of CSI.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Season Three
Tales from the Crypt - all but 2, 4, 5.

Low Wants:

I don't know what else. Surprise me:)

Sets must be in excellent condition, in and out. I'm a gold trader. Thank you for looking.

It appears, I can't upload the image from my HD folder, only from a website. I will, however, e-mail you the pictures upon request.

02-08-09, 02:04 AM

02-08-09, 08:29 AM
You've got a PM!

02-08-09, 07:23 PM
do you ship to the UK?

02-08-09, 11:26 PM
No, sorry.

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