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03-22-00, 04:16 PM
Okay. I have a uncle who wants to get into this dvd thing. He already bought a sony dvd player. Now...he wants to spend about $500 or so on a reciever and a speaker set that at least decodes DD5.1
any suggestions? he doesn't need anything overpowering. Oh yeah..the receiver must also have inputs for a LD and a VCR. But i'm sure most receivers ahve that function except for cambrigde DTT5501

thanks gang

03-22-00, 05:17 PM
On my opinion your uncle needs "Home Theater in a Box". Kenwood has one and I think model number is HTB-502 or HTB-503(newer model). This set has DD/DTS receiver VR309(100W x 5), 5 matched speakers and powered subwoofer(100Watt). Price is around $500.
For this price he will get decent HT.

Good luck.

03-22-00, 05:26 PM
I don't think the Kenwood thingy has an RF LD input. These aren't as common as you'd think.


03-23-00, 10:58 AM
check out the Onkyo 575... a fantastic receiver yet cheap =)

03-23-00, 04:15 PM
thanks REzo..

i'll look into the Kenwood models


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