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01-11-09, 10:53 PM
if ur gamestop still sells dvds u better go check this out i am going tomorrow and i expect to get about 12 dvds for the price of 4
my guess is that the deal goes for about a week or 2

01-11-09, 11:09 PM
Where did you get the info about the deal ?

01-11-09, 11:16 PM
um i called the gamestop that had dvds and asked if they were doing special offers

01-11-09, 11:49 PM
No details such as when and where. Great post, OP!

01-11-09, 11:53 PM
Gamestops in my area have been running Buy 2 Get 4 Free for months on end.

01-12-09, 01:13 AM
Sounds good. I ll call the one closest to me tomorrow. Thanks for the post.

01-12-09, 11:08 AM
No Gamestops have sold dvds around me for a pretty long time. I did get a couple of good finds there, but they were scarce

01-12-09, 12:00 PM
In my area is 70% off all movies.

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