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01-07-09, 12:24 PM
The keynote has come and gone, and will forever be known as the great bomb of '09.

Hey, iPhoto looks great and all (and hopefully we'll get some speed enhancements along with the swank new facial detection and geo-tagging), and I'm glad to get some updates to iWeb (which includes something that kept a lot of people from using before, FTP support!), but everything else in iLife I can do without. I may just ask for it for my birthday (or get a copy off my girlfriend when she buys it, mwahhaha).

I'm very happy with my previous generation MacBook Pro so I have no interest in the new 17" MBP, which has practically the same specs as the last generation.

My biggest disappointment was to not hear a peep about Snow Leopard. Not even a date! :grumble: Not to mention the biggest rumor of them all, updated Mac Mini's, never came to fruition. I was hoping to pick one up for my parents, since keeping a Windows PC secure from malware seems to be an impossible task when I set up their computer every few months.

Sighh... Oh well. My uncle said it's probably a good thing, since keynotes will be on their own terms, they don't have to say "out in a few months," they can say "out tomorrow!"

01-07-09, 04:36 PM
Sting's gonna teach me how to play Roxanne!!!!

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