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01-05-09, 03:29 AM
I just saw this movie and I was impressed with the animation and then I wondered about how cool it would be to make an animated zombie flick that could show zombies in advanced states of decay.
Rotting zombies, skeleton zombies, partial zombies, etc.
I wonder what the budget for this movie was?

09-26-16, 02:43 PM
I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it when I finally watched it last month.

Main purpose of this bump is to see if it bumps the "new posts" option of the main forum. Can someone please respond if they see this post?

09-26-16, 08:09 PM

09-26-16, 08:30 PM
Thanks Tom. I guess this little used "groups" section is treated basically the same as any other subforum, when it comes to searches and bumps and whatnot.

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