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12-18-08, 10:26 PM
release date 01/06/09

So-so film, nowhere near as good as "Heat", but its kind of cool watching the ol' boys hang out together.


NiCK Crush
12-18-08, 10:35 PM
Yes... but will it be a bargain?

12-18-08, 11:13 PM
Yes... but will it be a bargain?




12-19-08, 03:27 PM
25 for the shirt exclusive

12-20-08, 02:21 AM



They changed it!! Oh, well.

01-05-09, 02:45 PM
Now it's $19.96....
I think I might pick this up at midnight....

01-05-09, 03:00 PM
Would be cool to have the t-shirt...

01-05-09, 04:37 PM
Could do without the digital copy but it's a decent deal. I'll pick this up tomorrow morning.

01-06-09, 10:42 AM
The shirt looks cool but it's large so I passed....
2 disc would be nice but it's just a digital copy which is useless....
I saved $3 & I bought the normal version....

01-06-09, 02:22 PM
isnt it a disgrace for this film to be put out on any media ? the original prints should have been destroyed

01-06-09, 02:25 PM
buy it if you really need the t-shirt, burn the movie. i went to see this in the theater with a free ticket from best buy and i still felt ripped off.

01-06-09, 02:50 PM
I disagree with you two 100%....
I loved this film,It was my favorite of 2008....

Marvin Dorfler
01-07-09, 12:21 AM
Does the BLU-RAY have the T-Shirt or just the SD?


01-07-09, 12:52 AM
Does the BLU-RAY have the T-Shirt or just the SD?


From what I saw at Walmart it was only the Standard DVD


Righteous Kill 2 disc set with Digital Copy/Video Game Demo Feature @ Target For $16.95


01-07-09, 07:45 PM
This DVD is expensive for a new release especially with a movie that has De Niro and Pacino which you would think would have widespread appeal no matter what the critics say.

Nobody has it for $14.99 and it sells for $20.49 at Amazon

It is $17.99 at best buy

if it was made by a major studio like Warner Bros and not Anchor Bay would it have cost less?

I hope the price drops so maybe it will be available for $9.99 in the future.

01-07-09, 07:54 PM
It's only $15.99 at Circuit City....

01-08-09, 12:38 AM
And it's $14.xx for the 1-disc at Walmart. The only difference between the 1 and 2 disc editions it seems is that the 2-disc has a digital copy.

01-08-09, 03:24 AM
thanks for the info

I found a $10 coupon from best buy hiding under a stack of papers on my desk so I will use it before March 1 when it expires

I have not seen the movie but I am a Pacino and De Niro fan so if it is average it is still probably better than most of the movies released in 2008.

it dropped to $17.99 at Amazon today.

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