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12-05-08, 04:49 PM
I read Jamie S. Rich's DVD review of Six in Paris at http://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/read.php?ID=35195 and...Rich confused the characters/actors in Gare du Nord. Barbet Schroeder is the stranger at the end, not the indifferent husband. Important for film lovers to see Schroeder in his fierce youth.

12-05-08, 05:22 PM
Thanks for reading the review, but I beg to differ. IMDB lists Schroeder as playing the husband, as does this biography page (http://www.filmreference.com/film/12/Barbet-Schroeder.html).

Even if the facial features of the young husband didn't make it totally obvious (at least to my eyes) that it's a young Schroeder, compare these images. One is of Gilles Quéant as the "premier client" in Godard's <i>Vivre Sa Vie</i>, and the other is the mysterious stranger of which you speak.



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