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12-04-08, 07:07 AM
Does anyone know if Best Buy will/can print old receipts if purchased from a CC and you have the date?

I ask because my 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 3' discs don't play anymore (they make my Philips player make a terrible noise and then don't start up, they aren't scratched, they made the noise right away but would at least play). I contacted Fox and they said they would replace them, but I need the receipt, which I cant seem to find since I bought it on release date.

godzilla rules
12-04-08, 09:22 AM
they should be able to. I have asked them to do this on a few occasions and they always have been able to do so. Just go up to the customer service desk and ask. They should be bale to depeneding on how old the purchase is.

12-04-08, 01:50 PM
Actually they just printed me one back in October for my purchases I made on Black Friday 2007, you should have no problem whatsoever. Especially if you're a Reward Zone member.

I always go to the Maple Grove and Rogers locations, and have a high-rate of success with their employees.

12-04-08, 02:20 PM
Thanks, I'll try it out tomorrow. I hope they just let me exchange it, though it's way out of the return period.

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