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10-07-08, 02:05 AM
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Not much new programming on Tuesday because of the Debate.


Naomi makes a regretful choice regarding Adrianna's out-of-control drug use; Annie and Ethan care for a baby for a class assignment; and Dixon and Silver's friendship deepens. Elsewhere, Harry's high-school girlfriend hires a detective to find their son. Adrianna: Jessica Lowndes. Tracy: Christina Moore.

10-07-08, 07:53 AM
I'll be watching tonight but if this ep is as tired as the last 3 have been, I'm out.

10-07-08, 01:19 PM
Yeah if there is any show that I would consider dropping it would be this. I'm hanging in as long as I can, but if my Tivo starts getting backed up, this would get cleared out 1st.

10-07-08, 02:40 PM
I think Grey's Anatomy is at the top of my "Dump" list. But 90210 is right behind. I think I'm only sticking with One Tree Hill because I've been watching it for so long.

10-07-08, 08:17 PM
I was happy to see Adrianna OD at the end.

10-07-08, 11:30 PM
I love reading all the positive reviews each week on this show.

10-07-08, 11:42 PM
I was happy to see Adrianna OD at the end.

Did she or was that part of the movie she was in (I assume she did OD...but who knows)

10-08-08, 08:47 AM
Come on, enough of the Naomi, Adrianna stuff. Can't stand either one.

Original Desmond
10-10-08, 06:35 AM
ordinary episode

10-10-08, 05:24 PM
I am still loving the show, although this wasn't one of the best so far..it was still good. So are Annie and Ty donzo?! And I wanna know what happened to Adrianna and that cop and English teacher are totally going to hook up!!

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