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09-15-08, 02:19 AM
Hi there, I found a BBC sale at CD Wow and there seems to be some cheap stuff in there (from 2.99GBP?) and I for one am gonna grab some Mighty Boosh series that I've been meaning to get for aaaaages.

This thing won't let me put in links, but its there!

09-15-08, 09:55 AM
Thanks OP.

09-16-08, 01:55 AM

Thanks OP. There is the link.

Amazon UK is having a similar sale with a lot more BBC sets on sale.

09-16-08, 08:35 AM
The Red Dwarf "Bodysnatcher Collection" (Series 1-3) at CDWOW is a great deal for 18.49 (including mandatory 0.50 online ordering insurance) but w/free international shipping. Works out to $33.22 after conversion (1.00 = $1.7971 per oanda.com 9/16/08). That's ~$11 per season... in for 1, thanks OP!

09-18-08, 09:02 PM
I went back yesterday to get the Office and Boosh ones that some lowlife stole last year, and they've added a bunch of Dr Who stuff... I'm not a fan of the old stuff, but I am getting addicted to the new series!

09-19-08, 01:43 PM
The new series Who discs are bare-bones compared to the box set, IIRC. There's a couple of old series Who discs at good prices, but check around first - I see more than a few that cost more than you can get the R1 versions for. And these days it always pays to check out Amazon.co.uk before placing an order with CD-Wow. Boosh Season 3 is 4 pounds less at Amazon, for example, which will save you a few dollars even after paying for shipping.

That said, I'm thinking about doing a little Christmas shopping early and picking up the Torchwood box. It's a lot cheaper than the lowest price I've seen the R1 version going for.

09-19-08, 02:42 PM
One that doesn't seem to be listed on that Amazon list and yet is 49% off and comes with my highest recommendation (not that it counts for anything!!) :-


09-24-08, 11:40 AM
My order was canceled by CD-Wow this morning. Strike three for this e-tailer as far as my business is concerned.

09-24-08, 10:40 PM
My order was canceled by CD-Wow this morning. Strike three for this e-tailer as far as my business is concerned.The Red Dwarf set I ordered came in the mail on Monday, which was less than a week after my order last Tuesday. I was confused when it arrived, bec. the international mailer that it came in was from Hong Kong. I thought CD-WOW from in the UK... I was only off by half the globe.

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