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09-08-08, 12:34 PM
I go to quite a bit of shows so I'll be adding some reviews when time permits. If you are torn in between two or more of these, I can rate them for you :D

These are all shows I've personally seen, some more than once. I'm sure I missed a handful but this is the bulk of the shows I've attended.

Last updated 12/22/2008. Different shows rated so far: 58. Last show added: Clint Holmes.

Next up:


Clint Holmes - Most favorite performer ever. I've seen his show three times and he also sang one song at Mosaic's show and two songs at the first Las Vegas Tenors' show I went to. I also heard him sing a song at a Vegas Composer's Showcase event and two songs at a charity event.
12/21/2008 - Had a front row center seat and LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. This has been the BEST show I've ever been to. He brought along his wife Kelly Clinton, sister Gayle Steele, and The Las Vegas Tenors (Bill Fayne, Bobby Black, Teddy Davey). I had the time of my life and I hear he'll be back in March. I'll be there !! Picked up his third CD (already own the previous two along with his DVD and VHS shows). He sang my two favorite songs of his, William The Angel and Little Drummer Boy.

Thunder From Down Under - I enjoyed this show a lot, even more than Chippendales. Chippendales is more lowkey and sensual and this is more Rock 'n Roll and dancing. The guys really ham it up. The audience was younger and louder than at Chippendale's. If you had to choose one, I'd suggest Thunder From Down Under instead of Chippendales.

John Rich and Cowboy Troy - Country Rock, which I was surprised to find I really liked. Way too loud, though. I had an ear operation so loud sounds really bother me so I spent the whole concert covering my right ear, and noticed a significant loss of hearing in my left ear after the show. It was still there a couple of days later. It seems to be coming back to normal now, a week after. It was a great concert, though, and I really enjoyed Cowboy Troy. I think he's the only black country music singer, and mixes rap, rock, and country music. John Rich is half of Big and Rich, responsible for "Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy" (Big is undergoing medical treatment). I'd go see it again and see if I can sit further back to lower the volume a bit.<BR>They had Joan Deere, a couple of gals who have a CD coming out next year. They are awesome, and I will definitely get their CD when it comes out. Still can't find much about them on the web. Also had Sebastian Bach, "a Canadian heavy metal singer, best known as ex-frontman of Skid Row" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sebastian_Bach) whom I really enjoyed as well. I'm not into screaming-singing but he pulls it off an does have a good voice when he does slow songs. He sang 3-4 songs, while Joan Deere sang 2. I was disappointed that Cowboy Troy only sang 2-3 songs at the beginning and then disappeared. I thought it was both him and Rich, not mainly Rich.

Kelly Clinton - Clint Holmes' wife. Great singer and comedienne.

Keith Barry - Same type of show as The Mentalist. Common sense tells me nothing in that show is real and it's all prearranged.

Donny and Marie (Osmond) - Awesome show. Hadn't really seen their type of music before but it was very entertaining. The set pieces, dances, and songs were great, and the brother-sister banter was spectacular. It's billed as a family show, though, and I wondered why as Marie remarked to Donny: Your shoes are so shiny I can see up your pants! Not very family-friendly (I don't mind it at all and thought it was hilarious but it was puzzling how it was billed as one of the few "family" shows in Vegas). A few of Marie's outfits were a bit too showy for a family show IMO.

Brian Wilson - started The Beach Boys and wrote most of their popular songs. I went just because a ticket came up, I didn't set out to see him. I'm now a fan for life. The songs are awesome, he sings great, and it's endearing to see a white man try to shake it. He started with some Beach Boys songs and then did the complete One Lucky Sun album. I was maybe 30 feet from the stage at an aisle seat, at eye-level with Wilson around the middle of the room, so it was a great seat. He finished and I went to the front to try to catch a close-up of him while a bunch of people left. After a few minutes he came back out and did some more BB songs (I got a front-row seat to the side, about 15 feet from him). He then went away again and came BACK, and I was thisclose to him standing next to the stage with a bunch of people. I was about 3 feet away from him looking into his baby blue eyes. I can't believe how many people walked out during the main show. 1. I never tend to walk out, even if the show sucks, out of respect for the performer... I've only walked out once, on Augustana, and that was because a) I didn't like the style of music and b) I didn't their interpretation of that style of music and c) Since so many others were walking out I thought what the heck... AND (back to Brian Wilson) 2. the show was great. I wish I get to see him again in concert. The dude's awesome and he has an incredible life story.

Mark Giovi - I love his voice. He sings and my soul sings with him. Got to see him on 11/23/2008 singing by himself, and his vocal range just amazes me. He has one of the most beautiful voices in the world.

Le Reve - Awesome, trippy show without dialogue. Sit as far BACK as you can. I saw it once from the front row and another time from the next-to-the-last-row (the last row is VIP seating) and the second time was way better.

Las Vegas Tenors - saw them four times, and I melt when I hear them. The music is just amazing, and four people singing are really better than one (and they all sing equally, there are no "backups."). Mark Giovi, Teddy Davey, Bobby Black, and Bill Fayne. Mark Giovi left recently and the other three are now doing cruise ships. Don't know about the others but Mark Giovi has a family so I can see the travelling being a problem. I'm torn because I love to hear them sing but at the same time Mark Giovi was my favorite. It's not the same without him.

Bette Midler: The Showgirl Must Go On - She IS a goddess. Totally loved the show. I've loved her since I saw Stella. The comedy is spot-on and she is just spectacular. Awesome awesome show. Don't take a camera if you can avoid it as it's confiscated and afterwards there's a line to pick it up.

Menopause - HILARIOUS show, HIGHLY recommended. It's about "The Change." The four women worked well together and complemented each other wonderfully. Can't say enough good things about it.

Tournament Of Kings - The Excalibur's signature show. Saw it over a decade ago so the memory is fuzzy but you get a cornish hen to eat with your hands and there's lots of jousting. I want to go again and I remember liking it.

Mamma Mia! - I became an Abba fan for life because of this show. Loved it.

Penn & Teller - I'm a fan of their TV show so it was a given that I would like their Vegas show. Got to take pictures with them afterwards.

Raw Talent Live - This is the newest show at the Sahara. According to a family member, this is the group of Cubans that were touring the U.S. and sought political asylum and never went back to Cuba (there was a big hulabaloo when it happened about 10 years ago). It's a mix of dance, song, and visuals, and it is 70% Spanish (which I happen to speak). I really enjoyed it, and the artists are extremely talented and are great dancers and singers (and there quite a bit of good eye candy for both sides). The show even has a message that comes together at the end. Don't try to understand it until the end, just sit back and relax. One thing that did bother me is that there were quite a bit of flashing lights pointed at the audience. This is the second show where I had to shield my eyes because the lights were about to give me a migraine. I really wish they kept the lights pointed at the stage, it really takes away from my enjoying the show. Then again I can't play 3D games because I get major motion sickness, so maybe the two are related. We're hoping to go again but take more people with us next time.



Barry Manilow
a. Music And Passion - Entertained enough. His singing style is a bit too mellow for my taste (without the soul-melting element) but it was decent enough, and I'd recommend it (especially if you like his style of music). What can you say about a guy who wrote a song titled "I Write The Songs" (and he does). I did like his signature song Mandy.
b. Ultimate Manilow - The Hits - I liked this one a LOT more than Music and Passion. Manilow is a real showman and I enjoy his stage antics. Sang Mandy again, which was great since it's my favorite song. I liked the songs more this time around and was more entertained even though it was my second time. Highly recommend him (and I'd even put this in-between Liked and Loved... I will go again if the opportunity arises).

Matsuri - Japenese Cirque Du Soleil. Really enjoyed the acrobatics and the drumming. One woman in particular wasn't very good (a bit wobbly at times) but the rest of the women and the men were top-notch. Their athletic ability was amazing.

Steve Connolly - Spirit Of The King (Elvis impersonator). It was an enjoyable show. Nothing more, nothing less. He left Vegas soon afterwards (I get the feeling he wasn't really popular).

The Scintas - Song, dance, and humor. Really enjoyed it. Two brothers and a sister act, and the sister really has a lot of spunk.

Roseanne Barr - gone twice and LOVE her. Never saw the show but she is quite the woman. Great comedy and she doesn't hold back, talking bad about her kids and being as politically incorrect as she can.

The Mentalist - Curious show to go to (he guesses what people are thinking). Sit back, throw logic aside, and enjoy.

Liza Minelli - good singing and comedy - you can tell age is getting to her and she must have been awesome in her golden years.

Spam-A-Lot - great show. Lyrics are hilarious and the acting is great.

The Blue Man Group - I liked it. Not a repeat show but it's very entertaining the first time around.

Bite - nude women and vampires. Went to see it because it's Mark Giovi's regular job. Some very cool curtain acrobatics.

Carrot Top - potty humor (which I happen to like). Your mood that day does make a difference - it can either make this a very funny show or a very corny show. The props are great, though. I want to go one more time.

Gordie Brown, Larry G. Jones, and Danny Gans - impressionists/comedians/singers - Larry G. Jones is serviceable, and it's at the Fitzgerald, a second-rate hotel. I went to see Danny Gans twice and if you see him once, you see him a thousand times. Jokes barely change. Good enjoyable evening the first time around, though. Saw Gordie Brown twice and recognized some bits but still had a great time the second-time around. Would rate him higher than Danny Gans, who is the one people go ga-ga for.

Mosaic and Toxic Audio - A Capella groups. Toxic Audio was kind of cheesy and second-rate except for their "coughing" song, which is one of the neatest things I've seen in my life. They cough, sneeze, clear their throats in rhythm for a song. The bana-bana song was great also. Lots of boring parts, though. Mosaic has better quality singers, but I got the vibe that their heads are already getting a little bit too big.

George Wallace - He was funny, but his opening act (can't remember his name) was absolutely hilarious. Had trouble understanding (as in, the words he was saying, not the joke itself) some of his jokes, but overall a pleasant evening. Nephew (18) laughed more than I did. I wouldn't rate it as anything special, though. The only difference between this and The Comedy Channel is that you get to say you saw George Wallace.

Ronn Lucas - Good ventriloquist (he was the one in nip/tuck that wanted to look like his dummy). Good for both children and adults - I was thoroughly entertained.

Defending The Caveman - Serviceable show about the difference between men and women. Nothing special but it did have continuous laughs. Great to go with a spouse.

Terry Fator (won America's Got Talent) - really talented guy, comedy and impersonations are great and can sing too. Really enjoyed the show (and I'd never heard of him beforehand).

The Producers - Saw it twice, and enjoyed it both times. Saw it the first time and loved it, then fell asleep during the movie version. I was still entertained when I saw the stage play the second time (although a bit antsy towards the end). Saw it with Tony Danza both times.

Chippendales - Even more fun than the show was all the 40+ women hooting. Great times. Had a couple of favorites by the end.

V: The Variety Show - Don't pay full price ($60)... go to the half-price Vegas booth the day of the show. Cramped seats (unless you pay a premium for the VIP section). Cheap feel but it was very entertaining. I was mesmerized by the wall drummers (swung from wall to wall hitting drums stuck to the walls). Tons of "curtain acrobatics" which is one of my favorite things ever.

Mesmerized - Somewhere in this house there is a DVD with a video of me licking a "lollipop" that was in the shape of... well, you know. Don't let it happen to you and stay with the audience.

Doggone Silly - Cheap version of that other more famous Vegas dog show (can't remember the name). Surprisingly good. They had the cutest dogs ever.

Beatles Tribute: 4 Lads from Liverpool - Really liked it. Kind of loud, sit towards the back. I'm not really into The Beatles (haven't listened to them much) but do recognize some songs I like when I hear them, and I liked enough to have a great time.



Steve Wyrick - SKIP IT. We kept rolling our eyes at how bad he was. The magic was corny. The best joke was when he told someone "If I did this this and this it would blow your mind right? Well, it would blow my mind too if I could do it!" The show sucked.

Marriage Can Be Murder - Whodunnit mystery dinner show. I didn't like it because of this: I spent the whole time trying to piece it together (and failed). I want to go a show to lay back and be entertained. I was working and going to school and the last thing I needed was a show where I had to think the whole time. I am glad I went because I always wanted to go to one of these, so I got it out of my system (I still would go to one more of this type of show (not this particular one, though), to see if it is really the genre I don't like or just this particular show). The food was great.

Hans Klok The Beauty of Magic - with Pamela Anderson. He wasn't that good. Most magic shows are the same, seen one, seem them all. I've had and have the option to go to a few magic shows but can't seem to drag myself to them (and I love going to shows). Not surprisingly, "Hans Klok: The Beauty of Magic featuring Pamela Anderson ended its exclusive Las Vegas engagement Sunday, December 8, 2007."

Augustana - I walked out of the show along with many others but their music has since grown on me. I listen to their songs now and then but wouldn't go see them in person again. They sound much better at a studio. The lead singer said towards the beginning of the show (since everyone was dead silent) 'uhh, you people know who we are, right?' (as in they're big but we didn't realize it).

Justin Tranz - Comedy Hypnotist - Lame version of Mesmerized. People go up to the stage to be hypnotized. Skip this one and go see Mesmerized instead.

Little Legends - Mini-Britney, mini-Michael Jackson. Can't really recommend spending money for this. It's a height-challenged-people show. The problem is that those particular ones didn't have much talent. We were watching C.S.I. (the one where they let the convict out so that he can capture a woman on a rampage and he escapes, etc., and in the club there's Mini-Britney - that's the same Mini-Britney I saw. My sister asked "what the hell is that?" and I said Hey that's Mini-Britney! Yeah that show sucked.

The Fashionistas - It's supposed to be a love triangle between two women and a man, and one woman decides who she's going to stay with. I was trying very hard to follow along the scenes in the program. At the end I turned to the guy sitting next to me and asked me if he was able to follow the story. He looked at me like What story?!. Lots of men and women in leather. I spent the whole show trying to stay awake (and can't say I'm 100% sure I succeeded).

Three Redneck Tenors - wasn't impressed. If there wasn't an usher between me and the door I would have left, but I was too embarrassed to do it in front of an usher. AKA Trailer Park Sopranos (my own nickname for them).

Vicki Lawrence - "Mama" and Carol Burnett's TV daughter. Eh, I've seen better. I'd grade it a B-. Laughed at times but she talks way too much about her accomplishments for a comedy show, and I wasn't too impressed with Mama's comedy.

Lucky Cheng's Drag Cabaret - I don't know what it is with drag queens but they fascinate me. Have since college. To Wong Foo is one of my favorite movies. So-so but enjoyable enough. They sing, dance, and joke around. Poked their breasts at both men and women alike (thankfully they left me alone).

L.A. Comedy club - cheap night out on the town. You'd get the same experience from sitting in front of the TV watching The Comedy Channel.

American Storm - Rejects from the Down Under show. Street corner stripping. Skip it.

$250,000 Game Show Spectacular - Money-grabbing show (didn't win anything) that is as white trash as they get. The audience, too. On the line this woman kept bumping into me and I finally said something and she spent the rest of the wait time bad-mouthing me in a white trash accent. Wouldn't go again.

Dixie Dooley Master Mystifier - Dime-a-dozen Vegas magic show. Cheap feel. Seen one, seen them all.

Point Break Live! - Got my shoes dirty because I was in the front row and they like to throw stuff and themselves on you. House packed with drunken college students. Based on the Keanu Reeves movie. Wouldn't go again for free even if they paid me. An audience member does the role of Keanu Reeves. He acted in the same woody way Keanu does, so he was either equally as bad or a terrific actor that nailed Keanu to a T.

More to come...

09-10-08, 12:41 PM
Blue Man Group... it was my understanding that they change up their show every so often, kinda like how Penn & Teller mix theirs up.

09-10-08, 01:04 PM
How about the Amazing Jonathan or the buddy that won America's Got Talent last year....Terry Fader. He is a ventriloquist and was pretty good

09-10-08, 02:50 PM
Yep, I did go to see Terry Fator - will add that one... I've seen many more shows, I'll build up the list. Terry Fator was great, he's really talented. Haven't seen The Amazing Jonathan.

09-21-08, 05:00 AM
Updated! :)

10-13-08, 01:45 PM
I'll agree with you on Le Reve. It's an excellent show.
I'll disagree on Blue Man Group, but I do realize a lot of people enjoy them. My problem was with all the crowd participation. I have a great hatred for that kind of thing.
I must WARN AGAINST anyone going to see MATSURI. This is possibly the WORST show I have ever witnessed. My wife and I got half-price tickets at that place near MGM, just thinking it could be interesting. IT IS NOT at all like Cirque du Soliel. For the first ten minutes we were laughing our asses off at how bad the performers were. We thought it was a joke, but soon after, the joke got really old. We walked out after twenty minutes into it. I would not see that again, even if I was paid to. WORST SHOW EVER. But the good thing it left us with was that we still get a laugh when we remind each other of some of the crap they did.

As for more good shows, I highly recommend:
Cirque du Soliel's 'O'
and as mentioned, Le Reve (by Franco Dragone, who was with Cirque previously)

I'd also recommend:
KA (not their best, but still good).
Mystere (my least favorite of the Cirque permanent shows, but still good) If you are more into the physical talent and less into the art of Cirque, then you may like this more.
Zumanity (their 'adult' one. It's not for everyone. Some may love it, others not so much. Don't expect a 'typical' Cirque show here).

For kicks and giggles, if you want to see an impressionist show, Legends isn't bad. Get the half-price tickets at that place I mentioned on the day of the show (or day before). Also, tip ten bucks at the door and ask for a booth. The mobster booths are much more comfortable than the other seats.

I'm going to see the new Cirque du Soleil / Criss Angel Believe show this weekend, so who knows? It could be great. I hope so. I used to say that even the worst Cirque show is fantastic, but after seeing Kooza, I can never say that again. That was just a load of garbage and left a horrible taste in my mouth.

Anyway, I hope this post helps.

10-21-08, 12:09 PM
Just got back from Vegas. I may write more later. Just wanted to say I thought Believe sucked major bal...

Basically if you want to see a show about Criss Angel's ego and very little Cirque influence, then it's a real treat. Otherwise, there are much better shows to see. I hope this one bombs big time and Cirque learns their lesson and gets back to creating art again.

10-21-08, 04:19 PM
No love for "An Evening at La Cage" at the Riviera? If you like drag shows, this one was pretty darn entertaining. We got 1/2 price tickets at one of those random curbside booths on the strip.

11-27-08, 04:19 AM
Haven't been to La Cage yet. I love drag shows so if the opportunity presents itself I'll go :D

Updated !!

11-27-08, 11:13 AM
Point Break Live? :lol: x 329205723498723947

12-08-08, 09:41 AM

01-07-09, 10:22 AM
I know there's a FAQ thread in this subforum, but I might as well spur this little subforum and post this question here.

Going to Vegas for the first time the weekend of the 17th - 19th. Any general advice on shows (or anything)?

I hear that many of the hotels have free shows, plus that they possible give away tickets to shows on the strip.

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