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05-13-08, 02:35 AM
All of the Paramount press releases have Cloverfield coming to BR on 6/3. However, every online retailer I've seen it available for preorder at (namely Amazon & Best Buy) have it listed as coming out on 5/20. Anyone able to confirm which date is the true release date?

05-13-08, 08:48 AM
I think that the best way to figure that out would be to check the Best Buy sales thread in DVD Bargains. Should go up in the next day or so. If this is indeed coming out on Tuesday, it will be listed in the flyer (even if it is only technically on "sale").

05-13-08, 09:14 AM

Shannon Nutt
05-13-08, 10:01 AM
Yep, it's definitely 6/3

05-13-08, 10:03 AM
Shannon would know, take his word for it. I know my screener is not showing up for at least another 2 weeks, so if it was really going to be released next Tuesday, I'd have it today or tomorrow.

05-13-08, 01:03 PM
So why would virtually every online retailer have it set for 5/20? Buy.com, CircuitCity.com, Target.com, and Suncoast also show 5/20.

05-13-08, 01:13 PM
Because 50 other Paramount titles come put that day and they listed 2 wrong? 6/3 from all my sources. Earlier is fine by me but I'm MOT getting it for review 3 more weeks and Bee movie comes tomorrow....so...,

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