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View Full Version : The Hatchet Unrated at Amazon $6.99!

02-12-08, 08:14 PM
$9.51 cheaper than the next lowest price!

02-12-08, 08:16 PM

Evil Dead is on sale as well for only $16.49!!


02-12-08, 08:37 PM
movie must have bombed hard, shame, I loved it.

02-12-08, 08:49 PM
If that was the reason, -all- retailers would have it discounted, or most, not just one. It's either one of the Valentine's Day discount or a price error.

DVD Polizei
02-12-08, 09:08 PM
It's just a realization the movie isn't selling worth doo-doo. Might pick it up at this price, though. However, the MSRP is amazingly too high for a single-discer.

02-12-08, 09:11 PM
Yeah, I think it's apart of the Valentine's Day horror sale.

02-13-08, 11:33 AM
Indeed. My guess is that it's a sale similar to the Best Buy one mentioned here. (http://forum.dvdtalk.com/showthread.php?t=524586)

02-13-08, 02:25 PM
Hatchet was terrible.Not worth $6.99.

Sweet Baby James
02-13-08, 02:32 PM
Hatchet was terrible.Not worth $6.99.
And this would be known as a :crap:.

02-13-08, 06:19 PM
Thanks for the heads up on this. Just picked it up at Best Buy for $7.

02-16-08, 12:44 PM
I saw a preview of that at Horror Movie Convention last year in August, and I nearly threw up on my boyfriend's lap.

I got the whole movie for him then. Needless to say I didn't watch it, but he didn't even like it to much and he's a horror fanatic. I don't care for horror movies much.

02-16-08, 01:20 PM
I remember seeing this at Wal Mart when it was first released for $9.99. I can see it going into the dump bin there for $5.

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