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01-11-08, 03:00 PM
Set's being released in a couple of days. Who has the lowest price for it?

01-11-08, 03:05 PM
Have you tried the "Price Search" link that's about 2" immediately above your post?

01-11-08, 03:42 PM
Yes, but that doesn't take into account possible discounts, or coupons that could sometimes be used.

With the 25% discount from Barnes and Noble along with the 10% membership discount, the set comes to about $51, which is lower than all the other prices listed in the price search. I'm just trying to find if there's something lower than that.

01-11-08, 06:25 PM
I was able to get Torchwood S1 even cheaper at B&N online by taking advantage of their current DVD sale and a 25% off coupon:

Original Prices (online price + member discount)

MI-5 S2 71.98
MI-5 S3 71.98
Torchwood S1 64.78

Sale Prices
MI-5 S2 51.98
MI-5 S3 71.98
Torchwood S1 0.00

For this sale, B&N is making the cheapest DVD after applying the member discount the free DVD, then applying the coupon to the highest priced of the other two items. Discounting tax (which I essentially get back as a 5% rebate on my B&N Mastercard), these three sets cost $123.96, which is $41.32 per set. Since all three sets have the same list price ($79.98), I am saving 48% on each set.

So, if there are two other comparably priced items you want along with Torchwood S1, you can get all three for nearly half price!

01-11-08, 08:22 PM
I might go with two of the 'Prime Suspect' sets I'm missing, to keep up with the British theme.

Thanks for the idea.

01-12-08, 08:22 PM
You can use dvdpricesearch and under "preferences" key in whatever discounts, coupons, or whatnot you may have available to you... it'll digest that info and list the prices sorted by net out of pocket (price + shipping - discounts).

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