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09-24-07, 09:31 AM
Quick question, Amazon Visa just left a message on my voicemail saying they wanted me to call them about some transactions on my credit card. I think they're referring to my 2 poker deposits "[email protected](Services and Merchandise)" and "PRINA-PAYMENTS(Services and Merchandise)". Has anyone else had this happen to them? Do I even have to call them back? Just kind of a weird thing to wake up to in the morning.

09-24-07, 09:56 AM
of course you should call them back. they probably think they are a shady front and are worried about fraud.

call them and authorize it.

09-24-07, 11:42 AM
yeah i got that before. just call em.

09-24-07, 12:13 PM
you'll most likely just get a recording when you call. it'll list off some transactions and you just need to confirm that it was you who made them.

El Scorcho
09-24-07, 12:26 PM
Gaming merchants disguise their company names from credit card companies all the time. My buddy deposited $200 on bodog last week and got a call 5 minutes later asking if he just purchased $200 worth of books from a store in Ohio. :lol:

Nothing to worry about -- they'll just verify that you know of and approve the transaction and possibly even put that "merchant" on a safe list so you don't get bothered in the future.

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