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09-14-07, 04:53 AM

Now, this is IMHO the best Danish film of the year. Bornedal is a "true" filmmaker of the visual kind. He really knows how to tell a story using the artistic tools cinematically. The plot might not be new, but it´s the way it´s told that makes this a feast for the eyes.

JUST ANOTHER LOVE STORY is about Jonas, a likeable but world-weary husband with a wife and two kids who lives in a leafy suburb and whose life takes an unexpected twist when he inadvertently – if at all – causes Julia to crash her car.

When Julia comes out of her coma her memory has vanished. Via a grotesque mix-up she and her nearest and dearest believe that when Jonas pops into the hospital to see how she is, he is in fact Sebastian, her exotic new boyfriend, whom they had all been expecting to fly in from abroad.
Jonas assumes Sebastian’s identity and pretends to be the man Julia believes is the love of her life: a brand new identity, a brand new life, and an untrammeled existence full of promise opens up to Jonas.
But real life can’t be lived on fantasy and exotic dreams. One day the truth comes knocking at the door.

JUST ANOTHER LOVE STORY is an ambitious genre project (noir thriller)produced by Michael Obel/Thura Films: a piece of Danish cinema noir; fascinating, provocative, witty and decidedly scary, and thereby yet another contribution by Bornedal to the efforts to make Danish film more expressive, imaginative and international in their appeal.

In the lead roles are Anders W. Berthelsen, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, and Charlotte Fich. The film's target audience is the adults aged 27 to 55, with a slight female skew.

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