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07-30-07, 01:28 AM
I watched an action movie long ago (more than 10 years). I liked it a lot but I couldn't find it anywhere. Could anybody help me find it???

The story is about an electronic genius (actor) who got hired by a bad guy. The actor got into an electronically controlled jail where inmates have to wear a neckband that will explore if they get out of the invisible boundary of the jail. His mission is to get a girl out of the jail. The girl knows about the secret code that can unlock several millon dollars for the bad guy.

The electronic genius hardwired the signal of his neckband and the neckband on the girl. So that they can get out of the jail without losing their head.

Alone the way, they have to stick together with each other. If they ever seperated for more than 10 seconds, the neckband will explore... It's really exciting to see how they manage to stick with each other... and how they manage to trick the bad guy... quite an exciting movie.

I think the name of the movie is something like "Deadly Bond Together". However, I couldn't find the movie anywhere. May be I got the name wrong.

Does anyone know the name of that movie??? Where can I find it???

p.s. The actor is a hispanic guy and the actress is a white girl.

Boba Fett
07-30-07, 01:55 AM
I think you were thinking of Wedlock with Rutger Hauer, although he's definiately not Hispanic.

07-30-07, 11:20 AM
Rutger Hauer is definitely not Hispanic.

However, the actor is not Rutger Hauer and the movie is not "WedLock".

I am sorry that I know very little about movies and actors... that's why I came here to ask for help.

I have been trying to locate that movie for a long time and just couldn't find it... everyone heard about the story would like to see the movie as well. However, no one had seen it before.

Since I couldn't find that movie in any movie rental place, I suspect that the movie could be a TV short series during 1993 ~ 1995.

Has anyone ever seen that movie??? I just wanted to make sure I am not hallucinating.

07-30-07, 12:01 PM

Thank you for the post!!!

Although "WedLock" is not the movie I was looking for. They do have similar stories -- electronically controlled prison, explosive neckbands, paired singnals between actor and actress's neckbands ...

I will rent that movie and watch it... especially, my favorite actress, Joan Chen, is in it.

07-30-07, 12:27 PM
Ha!!! Ha!!! I found it!!!

Thanks to Boba for the hint!!! Since the story of "WedLock" is so similar, I have searched info related to WedLock and found that it's also called DeadLock... and there we go... the movie I was looking for is "DeadLock 2" which is based on the same concept of "Explosive Neckbands".

The actor's name is "Esai Morales", I think he is Hispanic.

"WedLock" is made in 1991 and "DeadLock 2" is made in 1995. I think the director of "DeadLock 2" probably liked "WedLock" a lot, but hated the "logic leaks" in "WedLock" and decided to shoot a more convincible version... may be.

I have bought both movies from eBay and will post the comparison of the two movies after I watched both of them.

Boba, Thanks again!!!

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