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View Full Version : how to view .doc attachments in outlook?

07-29-07, 02:34 PM
when I get a .doc attachment in outlook for vista and I try to open it, its gives an error saying that extension is not associated with any program. it should open with word though.

the thing is that if I instead save it, I can easily open it with word that way. either by opening word first or just double clicking the file (which has the word icon when saved). also in my control panel I checked the associated programs and .doc is already with word so it makes me think this is an outlook problem.

any ideas how to fix this so that when I directly open a .doc word attachment in outlook it will automatically open up the file in word (as opposed to having to save it first everytime)? what options should I check in outlook? thanks.

Jack Straw
07-29-07, 03:31 PM
This has happened to me too. The message box in Outlook should give you the option of searching for available programs to associate with the file (and open it). Select that button and then select Word.

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