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07-20-07, 11:59 AM

I got an issue on my home network. Here is my setup:

1 laptop, winXP media center edition, 100 Mbps network card
1 desktop, winXP, 100 Mbps network card

DSL modem to router to 24 port gig switch
Both computers plugged into the gig switch

Both computers share the C drive (not as C$; I manually added another share). When browsing from one machine to the other (doesn't matter in which direction), the share is found, but it takes too long (1 minutes or more).

I disable simple file sharing on each machine.

Any idea why it takes so long? What could I do to optimize this? I know, I am plugging 100Mbps into a gig switch, but that should not be the case.


PS: does anybody know of a good "networking" website where I can read up on network setup, administration, user account management, security - all for the windows platform?

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