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07-20-07, 04:15 AM

Check out the trailer!

Looks like another solid flick. Can not express my excitement enough! They never cease to amaze!

The Bus
07-20-07, 08:09 AM
Looks great!

Johnny Zhivago
07-20-07, 10:38 AM
:up: Hell yeah... Looks like a return to form. Intolerable Cruelty and The Ladykillers, while enjoyable, did not deliver.

07-20-07, 10:43 AM
Hopefully does justice to the book (optimistic it will).

07-20-07, 11:36 AM
Now that's a Coen Brothers movie.

07-20-07, 02:59 PM
Wikipedia says the general US release date will be November 9, 2007. IMDB says November 21. Either way, expect it pretty soon. :up:

07-21-07, 06:12 PM
wowowow!! That trailer has me pumped!! Almost enough to go to NYC for the festival.

07-21-07, 10:08 PM
Think it looks pretty damn awesome...I love when the Coen's are 'ON' and from this trailer it looks like they're on with this one.

07-22-07, 11:41 PM
Definitely looks Coen. Looks like they adapted from a novel (from Cormac McCarthy), and I believe they usually write their own material from scratch...or at least their classics. Keeping my fingers crossed.

07-23-07, 03:05 PM
Looks like the Coens have come full circle, going back to what they started with in Blood Simple.

I'm definetly looking forward to another outing with them.

07-23-07, 05:18 PM
Javier Bardem is SO getting an Oscar this year.

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