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07-06-07, 10:47 PM
(hope this is the right forum...mods, feel free to move it if youd like)

im looking for a new computer desk - whats the best place to buy one? either B&M or online. preferably a real store in case i need to return it (and can view it in person before buying it).

to give you an idea of what im looking for, i really like this:

http://www.everythingofficefurniture.com/bush-stan-pkg-2.html (but it got a bad review on amazon saying it was poor quality).

i also like this:


i like those dark wood types. any recommendations?

07-09-07, 03:39 PM
Check Office Depot B&M, they have a lot of options in the store, and you can actually "test" them out.

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