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06-03-07, 03:27 AM
Make me a Gold Trader! I'm currently +8 on the GTL list and hope to finally achieve GT status. I'm in Canada but also have family in the states that can be shipped to if necessary. I will also be willing to ship first to Gold Traders, if necessary.

Batman: Two-Disc Special Edition (http://www.dvdspot.com/dvd.php?d=1906226995) - ***Sealed/New***
<s>Batman: Two-Disc Special Edition (http://www.dvdspot.com/dvd.php?d=1906226995) - ***Sealed/New***</s> - TRADED
From Hell: Special Edition (http://www.dvdspot.com/dvd.php?d=1428908761) - Slipcover/Mint Condition
Notting Hill: Collector's Edition (http://www.dvdspot.com/dvd.php?d=1986655764) - Mint
Narc: Widescreen Edition (http://www.dvdspot.com/dvd.php?d=1765797618) - Mint
The Jerk: 26th Anniversary Edition (http://www.dvdspot.com/dvd.php?d=1072134022) - Mint
Rounders (http://www.dvdspot.com/dvd.php?d=1256606683) - Mint
<s>The Commitments: Collector's Edition (http://www.dvdspot.com/dvd.php?d=1366556429) - Case has some minor dings. Disc One also has some very light scratches, but have had no problem with play back.</s> - *** PENDING ***

My want list is too long to post, so feel free to make me an offer or supply your trade list.

Post your offer or feel free to me ([email protected]).


06-03-07, 01:12 PM
YGM ! Commitments!

06-04-07, 12:47 PM
YGM ! Commitments!

06-07-07, 07:46 PM

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