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04-12-07, 09:09 AM
I read Phil Bacharach's DVD review of The Untouchables - Season One, Vol. 1 at http://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/read.php?ID=27482 and respectfully request that either Paul Mavis or Stuart Galbraith write reviews for classic television on DVD from now on as they have a fuller understanding and appreciation for vintage shows.

Paul Mavis
04-13-07, 02:29 PM
I just read Phil's review for The Untouchables, and as usual with Phil's stuff, it was well thought-out, extremely well researched, and persuasive in its argument. I haven't seen The Untouchables for years, so I can't say my reaction would be exactly the same as his or not, but that's what's great about DVDTalk: diversity of opinion. Actually, from what I remember about The Untouchables, Phil's take on it seems pretty close to the same opinion I had of the series. Phil also brings up an excellent point in his review, which is just as important as what he actually thinks about this specific series: how films and TV shows hold up between our fond childhood memories, and how they play as we mature. That's what I like about Phil's reviews: they're not just one-note.

As for the above reader comment, I don't feel I'm any more qualified than Phil or any other reviewer on DVDTalk to review anything. If you look at my reviews, I try to write about everything and anything. I don't see any one area as my special domain. It's true that I, like any other reviewer, have certain genres that prove easier to write about, but certainly none I would proclaim as my own special domain. The suggestion that only certain people on DVDTalk should be allowed to review only certain genres, goes against everything I stand for in film and TV reviewing.

I'm looking forward to more reviews from Phil on vintage TV, new TV, old movies, new movies, or whatever the hell else he wants to review -- except, of course, porno. -ohbfrank-

Paul Mavis

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