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01-19-07, 01:35 PM
anybody else watch this show? i am really excited cuz it's coming back for it's third season on monday! they are doing a 2 hour special on atlantis, which i have always found fascinating. it's one of my favorite shows on the history channel for sure....and i like a lot of the stuff on there.

01-19-07, 03:20 PM
I watch it great show, I also am looking forward to the premier. Can't wait for Deep Sea Detectives too. I wish History Channel would go HD already.

01-19-07, 03:25 PM
OH man this in HD would be SO sweet. I cant wait for season 3. Thanks for the reminder!

01-20-07, 04:36 PM
i caught a bunch of the previous episodes, really enjoyed it. will definitely trying to catch it again.

01-22-07, 04:06 PM
The first show of the third season is on tonight at 9pm...I have my DVR ready to go...the topic is Atlantis, should be cool. Anyone tuning in?

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