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View Full Version : 25% off used 360 games at EB/GS

01-06-07, 04:41 PM
EB/Gamestop's current ad has used Xbox 360 games at 25% off this week, with an additional 10% off if you have the Edge/More card. This is just slightly better than their B2G1 sale. They also have a coupon to get $40 credit for trading in Gears as well.

Here's the PDF that has the coupon:

Credit goes to wampa8jedi over at CAG

01-11-07, 07:49 PM
thanks for posting this. i caught it just in time as it expires today.

01-12-07, 01:00 AM
Damn it. I just saw this today. I picked up R6:LV yesterday used and this would have come in handy.

01-12-07, 07:42 AM
I picked up Project 8, Saints Row and Tomb Raider for about $40 out of pocket, after spending my $50 gift card I got for XMas. Not bad at all.

I'm sure their B2G1 sale will come along in a month or two, but this was nice if you just wanted one or two titles.

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