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01-02-07, 04:15 AM
First off i will say this is my second post here and i hope i am in the appropiate forum.
Anyways...as i mentioned in my first thread, my Toshiba dvd player crapped out and broke on me with hardly any use, it just stopped reading discs period...so now coinincidentally someone has offered to sell me a "Citech T201 dvd player" (bear in mind i have a crap t.v. and am not worried about high def)...it's still in the box taped and supposedly new, (this is via a work aquaintace of my wife)...he said 60 (canadian) although i might get him down to 50...problem is i know nothing of this brand (i think it's affilated with Citizen or is Citizen), i do know it's a cheapy...but it says on the box it plays cdrs and mp3's etc....it's not the long slim kind as the box was almost square...and i couldn't really find any info on it on the web...can someone give me some advice?...it is cheap and reportedly brand new...but will i probably regret it 3 months down the road?...hmmm...it also might have said (i don't have it here) "portable" on the box but i could be mistaken...however if it is "portable" will that work normally on my t.v.?...again i'm not certain it is but just in case.
p.s. i must admit the cheap aspect is appealing after xmas and rent today ...but would love some feed back first...thanks

Brian Shannon
01-03-07, 02:03 PM
I have never heard of this player and when Google does not register a hit, i would steer clear.

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