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12-31-06, 07:52 PM
I'm looking to lift my 19" ViewSonic LCD up by 3" to 4". I was just going to place some wooden box with drawers under it, but thought maybe I could find a more useful lift out there. Couldn't come up with anything by searching, so I'll try asking here. I'm thinking of a sturdy rectangle box that could support the weight of my monitor, is 3" to 4" tall, and has some combination of the following features:

1) Multiple USB ports
2) Firewire port
3) Power outlets
4) SD/CF/MediaStick card reader
5) Small storage drawers

Anyone ever come across something like that recently? Thanks.

12-31-06, 08:19 PM
Search for "monitor stand" or "monitor riser".

I've used this one (http://www.instaoffice.com/Wave-Monitor-Riser-Raises-Monitor-5-14-14-14-x-12-78-x-5-14-Light-Gray.SAF2202.0.7.htm) in the past and had no complaints. Of course, it doesn't have most of the features you want, but others at that site and elsewhere might.

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