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12-12-06, 09:57 PM
Hey I was at my local Wal-Mart and saw they have a box set of all 3 Invader Zim volumes for about $18. Thought I'd pass that along.

12-12-06, 10:07 PM
Yeah, I saw this as well. Is it a good blind buy?

12-12-06, 10:30 PM
I would say Invader Zim is probably the best animated series of the past few years. I think it's better than anything on Adult Swim (but Venture Bros. is a very close 2nd). It's a shame Zim was canceled, but it's understandable. It was definitely not Nickelodeon material.

12-12-06, 11:04 PM
Hey - Anyone spot this in the DC/VA area?

Jah-Wren Ryel
12-13-06, 12:58 AM
Zim is like Marvin the Martian on acid.
Phenomenally great stuff.

so it goes
12-13-06, 07:26 AM
Is this the entire series or just selected episodes?
I may have to go pick it up.

12-13-06, 07:37 AM
Saw over at CAG that this is available at buy.com for 26 before using the google checkout coupon.


The house box is 25 after coupon

19.47 at dvdplanet before google coupon

12-13-06, 07:55 AM
I picked this up during the DDD 20% off sale. It just shipped yesterday. Came to about $17 and change.

12-13-06, 09:30 PM
Just a quick heads up, while this is a fantastic deal for those just wanting the episodes, this set does not include the bonus material on the previous disk. Outside of that, I can not recommend this show enough:)

12-13-06, 10:31 PM
I bought this - great deal

12-13-06, 11:08 PM
Not sure if the $10 off $10 works with new Google checkout anymore or not, but the economy pack would only be $12.97 shipped @ DVdplanet w/ the $10 off $10 deal


12-14-06, 01:55 PM
I went looking for this at Wal-Mart today and my local store did not have it. But I decided to check Best Buy and it was in stock there for $18.99 as well. I had a $5 coupon so it ended up being $15, great deal on an awesome series.

12-14-06, 03:02 PM
Why the descripton say it's only 3 discs?

I searched at other websites and they all say the same thing. I thought it was supposed to be a 6 disc set since each separate volume have 2 discs.

12-14-06, 06:40 PM
It is 3 Volumes, similar to what they released individually except that the case is slightly different. But each volume has 2 DVDs, for a total of 6. As someone else already pointed out the only thing missing is the extra bonus disc that came with the House Boxset.

12-15-06, 10:26 AM
If we do decide to buy this set, is there any place that has the bonus dis with all the extras for sale?

12-15-06, 10:42 AM
I think DVD planet sells the house box with the extra disc. It costs more than the actually series set though.

12-15-06, 11:13 AM
If we do decide to buy this set, is there any place that has the bonus dis with all the extras for sale?

You can buy just the house box and bonus disc from Amazon as well for about 26.00.

I paid 80.00 for the full set with the house box with bonus disc back a few months ago and thought that was a good deal. (It is 116.00 on Amazon.) The 3-volume Walmart set is an awesome deal. Now I wish I would have waited.

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