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10-27-06, 09:06 AM
I have a few DVDs for trade and i have an iPod for sale. let me know if you are interested or want any more information. My wabt list is at the bottom.


In Bed with Linsey Dawn Mckenzie (R2) (Disc only)
Superman (Extended Version)
The Eiger Sanction
Time Bandits (Region 2)

iPod (30GB) Color Photo - In perfect condition. Still has original Box. Its filled complete with music, but can be erased if you wish. Also comes with Sennheiser PMX 60 headphones and leather carry case. Pictures available on request. $175.

Alien Resurrection (2 Disc SE)
Best in Show
Best of Not the Nine O’Clock news
Blind Fury
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (SE)
Coogans Run
Cool Hand Luke
Copland (Miramax Collectors Edition)
Daredevil (Directors Cut)
Electra Glide in Blue
Elektra (The Directors Cut)
Falling Down
Fantastic Planet
Guns and Roses the Video Collection
Judge Dredd
Kill Bill 1 and 2
Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior
Memoirs of an Invisible Man
Raging Bull (2 Disc SE)
Rattle and Hum
Requiem For a Dream
Road House (SE)
Scent of a Woman
Stone Roses
Superman the Animated Series 3
Supergrass: The Videos
The Color of Money
The Godfather Collection
The Killing of America
The Omega Man
The Omen: Special Edition
Touch of Evil
U2: Elevation Tour
Ultimate Avengers 2
Vanishing Point (Original Version)
Visionaries: The Complete Series
Waiting for Guffman
White Heat
Work of Director: Michel Gondry
Work of Director: Mark Romanek

11-01-06, 12:34 PM
Price Reduced for iPod.

11-01-06, 01:38 PM
What're your asking (sale) prices?

11-01-06, 02:52 PM
What're your asking (sale) prices?

Well to be honest i would rather trade the DVDs if possible for something on my trade list at the bottom of the thread.

11-10-06, 09:35 AM

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