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10-16-06, 12:26 PM
Does anyone here have any experience with receiving damaged books from overstock.com? I ordered Absolute Sandman last week from them, but when I got it in the mail last weekend, the box was in pretty bad shape. When I opened the package, the book itself wasn't any better. The bottom corner of the slipcover was rounded in, like it was dropped at some point, and there were smaller dents on the top corner. Hoping that it was just damage to the slipcover, I took the book out and was disappointed. The corner of the cover was wrinkled and pushed in (I'm assuming from the dropped corner of the slipcover). The pages themselves are fine, but the damage to the slipcover and cover are quite irksome. I had to kick myself twice since the only reason I chose overstock over amazon was the price knowing full well that, when I ordered Absolute Dark Knight from Amazon, it got to my house in perfect condition.

I've already placed a call to customer service and they said that they'd contact me back. Does anyone know if they're pretty cool with doing an exchange in this kind of situation?

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