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Minor Threat
09-15-06, 09:44 AM
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Local DJ Quits Live On-the-Air

August 18, 2006
A local DJ quits her job, "on-the-air." It's created quite a buzz in Mobile and around the country for that matter! Her choice of words on the air has many people cheering, but others, jeering.(MOBILE, Ala.) August 18 -- Text of audio recorded live off WBLX Radio in Mobile: "I will not be setting the mood at BLX no more. I refuse to walk around people that'll speak to you, 'hey Inetta!' then as soon as you walk by, 'that b***h!' I will not do that to myself anymore. So if you're confused by what i'm saying, listen to this very carefully, I quit this b***h!"

The DJ behind those words: Inetta the Moodsetta. Clips of her audio hit the internet soon after her last show, Saturday, August 12, on WBLX, a popular hip hop and R&B station in Mobile. And now you can find it everywhere, including, www.urbaninsite.com , The National Public Radio site, even shock jock, Howard Stern was talking about the Moodsetter's comments on satellite radio.

So, why did she quit like that? What was she so angry about? Inetta the Moodsetta tells NBC 15 News: "Just different things. I had been at this job for 6 years, got a raise after this year, 50 cents."

Inetta, who's been in the radio business for 15 years says, besides her $6.50 an hour salary at this top urban station, she was simply fed up with other things. She calls it a lot of frustration and a lot of pain.

Inetta: "I love radio. It's just different people. You know, you have to deal with different personalities and it's hard to just say, okay, I can smile with you today, but then, I don't really agree with the things you say and do."

In another part of her on air radio comment, she says: "I refuse, I refuse to walk around and watch people on my job looking over my shoulder. People lying to me. People talking about me. It's ridiculous. It's sad. I can't take it. I'm not going to take it. I don't have to take it. I'm not a dummy. I know how to find another job".

Actually those jobs are finding her. Since "Inetta, the Moodsetta" quit on the air, she has received numerous job offers, including in Dallas, Detroit, and New York. She's had even more calls wanting to interview her, including as far away as Germany.

Meanwhile, Gary Pizzati, Vice President of Cumulus in Mobile, has released the following statement: "If she would have wanted further opportunity in Cumulus, all she had to do was come forward and we would have put her on the proper path of advancement". Pizzati goes on to say, unfortunately, she chose a different path and used words that could have been damaging to children.

Inetta says she could have marketed herself better and apologizes for using profanity on the air, but she's enjoying her time right now, getting offers that she never dreamed of.


Rock on.....

09-15-06, 09:55 AM
So basically she went from $6.50 and hour to causing a big stink and the possibility of earning more in bigger markets. I wonder if that will work at my job? Here goes nothing...

das Monkey
09-15-06, 10:03 AM
Minor Threat

Pizzati goes on to say, unfortunately, she chose a different path and used words that could have been damaging to children.
While I think her actions are childish, immature, unprofessional and completely undeserving of new job offers regardless of the publicity, this comment is hilariously stupid. I wonder how many children were damaged by her using the word "bitch". Must be millions.


General Zod
09-15-06, 10:04 AM
"I will not be setting the mood at BLX no more"

So she will still be setting the mood there?

09-15-06, 10:14 AM
"besides her $6.50 an hour salary at this top urban station"


09-15-06, 10:19 AM
Good for her. Her actions were wrong, but Im glad she is getting better and hopefully more lucrative job offers. A DJ at a top hip hop radio station making 6.50 an hour sounds very low.

09-15-06, 02:15 PM
She's got a face for radio.

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