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08-31-06, 12:54 PM

Can you guys remove the adult images on the main reviews page??

Alot of us are at work and want to read regular dvd or hd/bd reviews.

When I want to see a review for a regular dvd, these pictures show up too! The company I work for will block any sites where employees go with adult images. I dont want to have dvdtalk blocked at my company (or anyone elses)

Since I dont read the adult reviews, it would be nice to have them supressed/removed from the main review page.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

08-31-06, 02:36 PM
This issue has been addressed already:

08-31-06, 02:57 PM

Buford T Pusser
09-04-06, 01:40 AM
I had a thread called

Anyone worried these four DVD ads are too raunchy for work? NWS?


and it was a poll.

Here were the results:

View Poll Results: Are these ads too raunchy for work?

Yes 15 78.95%
No 4 21.05%

But as mentioned I think they bring in too much money for the site to be discontinued.
Such is life so I'm just careful if I happen to view this site at work.

The link has some examples if you'd like to view them without visiting the Adult Forum.

09-04-06, 02:23 AM
Its not about money it's about censorship. We have a defined policy - if Amazon sells it we'll display it in the general area of the site. Beyond that we'd have to establish some sort of 'code' for covers, something I'm not prepared or willing to do.

The percentage of covers which people have had issue with is less than .01% of the DVDs reviewed on this site.

09-05-06, 12:50 PM
Wait a second, if I click on the "DVD" review link on the side menu bar (not 'Reviews' at the top) it still takes me to the main review page (with R rated images).

Can you please provide an alternate link on the main page? Otherwise, we have no way of viewing reviews from work without downloading these X/R rated thumbnails. It will be only a matter of time before this site is banned at my work (many other dvd sites have been blocked).

Im not arguing against riskee dvd covers, only the ones that show nudity (like what you do for the all male dvd reviews).

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