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08-05-06, 10:10 AM
Tiger had a big day yesterday with 7 birdies in the first 15 holes, before getting rained out.
but a bogey on a PAR 5 16 and he is now 1 behind Quigley for the lead
the cut was -3

Quigley is at -13.. Tiger is -12
several players right behind at -11, including Vijay and Weir

08-07-06, 10:54 AM
tiger won

charlie bucket
08-07-06, 11:08 AM
Yeah Tiger!

His wife is hot.

Red Dog
08-07-06, 01:52 PM
Looking more and more like he will go off at 2-1 or less for the PGA Championship. He's rolling.

El Scorcho
08-07-06, 02:11 PM
I"ve never seen Tiger so dialed in. Each iron he hit yesterday he knew was so good that he wouldn't even watch it as it stuck itself 10 feet from the pin time and time again. He'd look away midflight as if he had duck hooked it into the trees. Uncanny.

Of course, that course the Buick is on is not really all that difficult. Still, Tiger was on cruise control yesterday, almost as if he was playing a practice round.

08-07-06, 03:04 PM
Some people had better individual rounds than Tiger, but he was the most consistent: four rounds of 66, each with 7 birdies, 10 pars, and 1 bogey. It's great to watch, and the networks are happy again.

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