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07-16-06, 09:18 AM
Sorry if this question has been answered elsewhere, but I wondered if anyone could help me.

Basically I'm looking to stick my Buffy and Angel seasons into these cases, and I wondered if there were any suppliers in England or if I'd have to import?

I've found various US sites that sell them, and eBay, but I'm not sure what supplier to use, I don't mind a US site as a last resort but UK would be preferable :)

I've not long been into replacing my cases and covers, so any help would be great thank you :thumbsup:

07-20-06, 12:33 PM
If its the 27mm spine you are needing then you can get them in the U.K. from www.svp.com. If its the single width (same as standard case) that holds 6 discs then the only ones i have seen are on American sites, but it would cost a fortune to import to U.K.

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