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06-10-06, 04:26 PM
I only have a couple of things in my collection that I wanna sell...Selling them or trading if you have something I want.

Shipping for Box Sets $2.00
Shipping for Regular DVD $1.00

All DVDs are in perfect, like new condition! Either never watched or watched once.

Devil's Rejects $5.00 (Opened, but never watched)
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants $2.00 (Watched once)
Fever Pitch: $5.00 (Watched once)

Saturday Night Live: 25 Years of Music (All 5 Volumes, opened, never watched): Give me an offer! Don't really know what to charge for this one.
Unsolved Mysteries: Bizarre Murders $10 (Opened, never watched)

Email me: [email protected]

Open to negotiations, discounts in shipping, etc...I'm on the Good Trader List, too, and have perfect feedback at Ebay (username: briandbrett)

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