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05-03-06, 12:59 PM
Yes, I know I'm behind the times but I've built up a great franchise (I'm in year 19).

I'm in the fourth week of the pre-season but for some reason, one game will not simulate (tried all the options including "Simulate Preseason"). It also will not let me play the game either. I backed out (saving) and loaded the franchise again, still won't work. I noticed that througout this preseason when I used the "Simulate Week" option (after playing my game), it would simulate a couple of them, then stop. I do it again and it would finish the rest.

Also, I just noticed that when I use the select button and it brings up the "Overall Record", "Points/Game", etc. The one team just shows "n/a" for all these stats. I checked with this same team going back to week 1 and it's the same. Looks like something messed up in the simulation from the start for some reason.

I'd hate to lose all these stats but perhaps it's time to get Madden '07 when it comes out (or 2006 on discount). Are the newer one's really different from 2005? While I like new features, I don't care for the GM mode (which the '04 version you could choose not to turn on and still play in franchise mode).

05-03-06, 01:10 PM
i had that same problem... no one helped me with it

05-03-06, 01:46 PM
Well, at least I know it's not just me. I had a problem with the '04 version. I went pretty deep in the franchise mode and at the end of the season, the thing just wouldn't go any further. Guess I'll just start a new franchise... I spend enough on DVDs, don't need to pay $50 for '07 or even $20-25 for '06 when I'm just as satisfied with this one for now.

Thanks for the reply raven. Doubt there's a fix anyways...

05-03-06, 03:02 PM
That sucks man. Too bad you can't import older Madden franchises into the newer versions of the game, so you could keep your same franchise going. They had that feature on the High Heat baseball series for at least a couple versions. I remember playing the same franchise through at least two versions of the game. I think I was about 7-8 seasons in. It was nice. I'd really like something like that for NCAA Football.

05-03-06, 03:24 PM
with the new game... i cant even play 1 game without it freezing.... it sucks... all i can do is simulate the whole thing but i want to play... my team consisted of adrian peterson, vince young and antonio gates.... and then splat ..... doesnt work

05-03-06, 04:57 PM
In the '05 franchise, I started out with the Lions and managed to complete the season undefeated. Every year after I would build up some of the more veteran players and get their ratings up, trade 'em for high draft picks and just keep going that way. In the current season, my QB had a 99 rating, the backup, a 92. This was going to be a nice year (and I would've no doubt traded off that backup QB for a first or second round picks... plus a couple late rounds). I wish just for once I can make it close to the 30 seasons you're supposed to be ablt to get to. I had 11 more seasons dammit.

Raven, the '06 game is freezing up or are you still using '05? I wonder if it has something to do with the machine. I have the first generation PS2 so maybe it's just old hardware...

BTW, off topic, but anyone who plays Madden, when you create a real life player, how do you come up with the ratings? I had to go through the entire leauge and find mins and max for each category as I didn't want to give, for instance, a QB too much strength or speed but I also don't want to short change 'em.

Also, in the '06 version, do they remove the helmet? Maybe I'm dense and just haven't figured out how, but it seems pointless to choosing what kind of hair the guy has (unless it's long) since you can't even see it while creating...

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