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Jd Shapps
04-14-06, 01:27 PM
The following is up FT...Everything is in Mint Condition.

Criterions FT:

Fanny and Alexander Theatrical Edition CC (2 disc SE) *sealed
Metropolitan CC
Au Revoir Les Enfants CC
The Tin Drum CC (2 disc SE) *sealed
The Life Aquatic CC
Black Narcissus CC
Do the right thing CC (2 disc) *acquired
Armageddon CC (2 disc)
F For Fake CC (2 disc SE) *sealed
Picnic At Hanging Rock CC
Solaris CC (2 disc) *acquired

Looking to buy or trade for:

The Battle of Algiers CC (3 disc set)
Schizopolis CC
Grand Illusion CC
8 1/2 CC 2 disc set
Burden of dreams CC
Gimmie Shelter CC
Dead Ringers CC +other CC email: [email protected]

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