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Julie Walker
03-27-06, 11:53 PM
In the review of the audio,the reviewer mention this..

Whereas the image doesn't disappoint, the audio certainly does: outfitted with a Dolby 2.0 stereo soundtrack, the score overpowers dialogue more than once and I had to crank the volume up a bit to hear what characters were saying. It's a very thin mix, lacking any real presence it's a shame Fox couldn't at least remix the film in Dolby Digital 5.1. An English mono mix, along French and Spanish mono mixes are here, as are English and Spanish subtitles

Have you checked out the original mono soundmix on the dvd to compare if it sounds any better than the stereo mix?

Since the problems you mention with the stereo mix are issues I have heard myself in many remixes of mono films. The dialogue sounds lower in volume and is tougher to hear and so forth(& a 5.1 remix won't solve this problem). Meanwhile the original mono mix usually sounds 100 times better,where the dialogue is at its normal volume..as are all the other audio effects. The best way to describe it is the remix sounds lifeless...while the original mono sounds lively.

So I wouldn't be surprised if the mono mix actually does sound quite nice on this release. And thus givin the original audio mixes a chance in reviews is a plus(even if you only sample the mixes) instead of only commenting on the remix. Since otherwise people may assume the release itself has 'lousy audio'.

04-01-06, 10:07 AM
Yeah, nothing like those "oh yeah, and the disc features the original theatrical audio mix, but not going to make even a passing judgment on it" reviews...

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