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02-04-06, 10:25 AM
Does anyone know how I might get in touch with Fox to find out if this TV show will be released on region 2 DVD (Region 1 release date set for 21st February) I don't mind either way but if possible, I would prefer to know before I start buying region 1 boxsets only to find 3 months later that they are all getting rteleases on region 2. I don't understand why something like this (which has been around for over thirty years) doesn't get released on region 0 or multi region as all they sre going to achieve by releasing it on R1 only is lost sales to anyone not able to play R1 discs....dumb ! Anyway, does anyone have a number or e-mail address which I could contact to ask this question ? Thanks in advance !

02-04-06, 10:35 AM
It's strange. Fox asked people on it's uk website to vote for the Irwin Allen shows of their choice for a DVD release over 18 months ago.

It started advertising Voyage and Tunnel a year ago, in flyers in with it's other sets.

Yet r1 has been announced. Nothing for r2; the Fox site shows releases up to the first week of April, and it's all Buffy and Angel (yet again - sigh).

I'm willing to bet that when we in r2 get these series, they will be full season sets, not half-seasons. That's what happened with Lost In Space (except we were ahead of r1 on those).

It could be that we won't hear any news of our first season until after the full first seasons have been out in r1. Of course, there'll only be one for Time Tunnel. I think it'll be May or June at the earliest.

I know what you mean, it;s frustrating, and you can bet as soon as you import the first Voyage set, they'll announce the r2 season, and it will look completely different!

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