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01-22-06, 06:28 PM
Was at the Genesee Valley Mall today, and apparently for the last 2 weeks B. Dalton Books has been blowing out their inventory, everything in the store is 40% off.

I really don't understand the reasoning behind it, though. The store is closing because a Barnes & Noble is being added to the mall, but the same company owns both stores. So why blow out merchandise that you'll have to buy again to stock the new store with? Ah well, probably another stupid corporate decision.

Anyhow, the original plan was to close B. Dalton on Feb 11 and open new B&N in March... but for some reason the construction company didn't realize that we actually have a season called winter here in Michigan, and it gets hard to work outside during a blizzard. So now they're setting a June date for B&N, and B. Dalton will remain open until May. I don't know if they'll be lowering prices further or what they're doing about new stock now that they're going to be open 3 months longer than anticipated, but despite the sale apparently having been going for 2 weeks I found a lot of good items there.

01-23-06, 02:19 AM

Book sale

The last Waldenbooks here in Midland went OOB. The first one went when B&N moved into the Midland mall.

Anyway, The Waldenbooks was clearing books out at 15% off, what a joke. Wasn't even worth bothering to stop in.

But 40% off, that sounds enticing :D

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